Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#214 - ebeam.ca - COMPLAINT DISMISSED

The Complainant did not establish its case and the panelist therefore dismissed the ebeam.ca Complaint. 

The Registrant (Paterasp Nirumvala) did not respond to the Complaint. The Complainant owns the EBEAM trade-mark in association with its innovative products that transform flat surfaces into interactive and collaborative workspaces.    According to the Complainant, the Domain Name was registered by the Complainant’s former authorized distributor following a breakdown in the relationship whereby the Registrant acquired the Domain Name and offered to sell it to the Complainant for $250,000.00.  The panelist held that mere allegations as to the registration will not suffice, and the allegations must be proved by way of evidence, which was not done in this case.  The decision does not provide any details about the evidence required, nor whether the Complainant provided, by way of example, the Distributorship Agreement, a WHOIS print-out of the domain name registration, etc.

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