Monday, January 14, 2013


Magna International Inc. is a Canadian company involved in the global automotive supply industry. The trademark was registered on June 21, 1985; however, the trademark had been extensively used and very well-known since 1968. The Registrant registered the Domain Name on June 26, 2011. The web site displayed a banner of an automobile and was populated with pay-per-click advertisements that linked to websites belonging to competitors of the Complainant. The Registrant contacted the Complainant and offered to sell the Domain Name. The offer was rejected, but the Registrant just came back with another offer to sell the domain at a lesser price. The Panel concluded that the Domain Name was confusingly similar as the Registrant just added the prefix "my" to a famous name and this does not detract from the identical reproduction of the trade-mark that otherwise exists. An objective bystander would naturally be confused.

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