Tuesday, September 17, 2019

#398 - u-alberta.ca - TRANSFER GRANTED

The Complainant is the Governers of the University of Alberta, owner of the UALBERTA official mark and trademarks (advertised in 1997, and registered in 1999, respectively).  The website was being used to display the Complainant's name and logo, but direct users tot he Registrant who has no affiliation with the Complainant. The Complainant provided evidence of an an individual who submitted an application to study at the University of Alberta, and even paid an "admission fee" to the Registrant thinking it was the Complainant. 

The Panel found that the Domain Name was registered in bad faith based on the fraudulent actions being performed by the Registrant using the fame of the Complainant's marks to carry out its actions.

You can read the decision here.

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