Tuesday, January 24, 2017

#330 - homedpeot.ca - TRANSFER GRANTED

The Domain name at issue is homedpeot.ca. Home Depot International, Inc. (and Home Depot of Canada Inc.) is Canada’s leading home improvement specialty retailer with 182 stores across Canada. The Registrant registered the Domain Name on November 11, 2005, and Home Depot registered the HOME DEPOT trademark in Canada in 1999, but entered the Canadian market in 1994. 

The Registrant, a known cyber-squatter, Terry Davies, did not respond. The Panel found there was evidence of bad faith because the Registrant was operating a pay-per-click website linking users to competing businesses (including Lowe’s) and the Registrant had previously typo-squatted other domain names belonging to rights holders in the past, including, aircanadaa.ca, costcoo.ca, cotco.ca, and toytota.ca.

You can read the decision here

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