Tuesday, January 8, 2019

#380 - livejasmin.ca - TRANSFER GRANTED

The Complainant owns the LIVEJASMIN trademark, registered in Canada for use in association with online adult entertainment services. Additionally, the Complainant  has extensively used its trademark for several years, and its website has over ten million visitors per day.  The Registrant responded to the Complaint, and alleges that the Complainant has known about the website for years, and following a verbal agreement twelve years ago, has shared profits from the website. 

The Panel found that the Domain Name was registered in bad faith.  Although the Registrant subscribed to the Complainant's affiliate program, it breached the terms by using the Complainant's mark without permission, and the Registrant is now using the website by openly promoting erroneous information, with user comments posted.

You can read the decision here.

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